About Fred S

Fred was born & raised in New York. He grew up in Holbrook Long Island, and spent most of his music career living and playing in Manhattan. With a strong acoustic and finger-picking style background, he began as an acoustic artist playing all over the village in NYC. Particularly down Bleaker Street, in the neighborhood of the famous CBGB’s. Some of the many places he played acoustic Rock covers were: the Rock N Roll Cafe, the Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaways,  and the Red Lion, just to name a few.  With even stronger vocal abilities, he began to sing and front  bigger bands, and was hired by many to record vocal tracks. Fred also played an electric rhythm guitar where he played Rock Covers fronting his band Black Orange all over Manhattan as well.


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Fred moved To Philadelphia 16 years ago where he still plays Classic Rock & Modern Rock covers.

Fred is now Proud to present Fred S Acoustic. This is an acoustic Classic Rock & Modern Rock solo artist that gives an un-plugged and stripped down vibe of great music. Just as many of our favorite rock bands have their unplugged concerts & albums, Fred S plays our favorite Classic Rock & Modern Rock covers that can be played toned down in relaxed settings or can be played toned up to really rock it out with great crowd pleasers.


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